Making your CSE experience even better.

The University of Washington Association for Computing Machinery (UW ACM) is a student organization aimed at improving the experience of students within the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering.

The purpose of UW ACM is to connect CSE students with peers, faculty, staff, and industry, and provide students with the resources and skills they need to succeed. UW ACM acts as a gateway for students to make a difference in the department.

Meet our Officers


Lucy Jiang

Ketaki Deuskar
Vice Chair

Annalice Ni
Social Event Coordinator

Eric Fan
Social Event Coordinator

Elijah Greisz

Hayoung Jung

Jiamae Wang
Social Media Director

Donitaa Julius
Internal Communications

Micah Witthaus
Snack Overflow Director

Associate Officers
Applications Opening in Autumn

Chelsea Navarro
Faculty Adviser

Brett Wortzman
Faculty Adviser



Q: What is UW ACM?
A: UW ACM is a student group at the University of Washington aimed at improving the student experience within the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. We host various events for students in the department, which help connect CSE students with peers, faculty, staff, and industry, and provide students with the resources and skills they need to succeed.

Q: How do I join UW ACM?
A: To become a member of UW ACM, you must be a current student in the University of Washington Seattle Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering. You can join ACM by attending our events and signing up for membership at the event ($8). Alternatively, you can Venmo @uwacm $8, which covers membership for life.

Q: Where can I find out about upcoming events hosted by UW ACM?
A: You can find out about upcoming events via the calendar above, or by keeping up with the UW CSE Undergraduate Slack or Facebook page (both linked below). If you are a CSE undergraduate, many of our upcoming events will also be sent out via the UW CSE undergraduate mailing list, which you should automatically be subscribed to.

Q: How can I get involved in UW ACM?
A: We are always in search for volunteers for our three major annual events (Fall Fest, Winter Ball, Spring BBQ). Keep an eye out on our social media pages for these forms to be posted! If you're looking to get even more involved with the planning process of our events, you can apply to become an Officer during spring quarter, or Associate Officer during fall quarter.

Q: I am not yet a CSE major. Are there clubs similar to UW ACM that I can join?
A: Yes! There are many clubs that explore related interests on campus, such as HuskyTech, DubsTech, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and DubHacks.


UW CSE Group (Facebook)

Most events from ACM, ACM-W, SAC, Q++, GEN1, MIT, and other Allen School RSOs are posted in this Facebook group. To access this Facebook group, you must first join the UW Facebook Community with a verified @washington.edu or @uw.edu account. Email us at acm-officers@cs.washington.edu if you have trouble joining.

UW CSE Class Schedule & Advice (Facebook)

This is a great place to ask questions about specific classes and professors!

UW CSE Majors Discussion Board

The discussion board was recently created by the Allen School Advisors and is a good place to ask questions or learn something new from what others are asking.

UW CSE 300-level Course Guide

Created by the Allen School Peer Advisors, this guide contains information about most 300-level courses. The document is a few years old, so some courses (such as CSE 340) are not included.

UW ACM's CSE Survival Guide (2018)

This contains a collection of advice from ACM Officers over the years, although some of the information is a bit outdated.

UW CSE Advising

Schedule an appointment with advisors at this link! Their office is located at CSE2 170 (proceed straight from the entrance of CSE2).

UW CSE 2020 - 2021 Teaching Schedule

See which courses are offered and which professors and lecturers are teaching during any quarter of the year (excluding summer). Note that the schedule is tentative and is subject to change.

UW CSE Honor Code
UW Allen School Homepage


Stay connected with ACM!

(Note: the Slack channel requires a @cs.washington.edu account)

For any questions or comments, please contact us at acm-officers@cs.washington.edu.