Event Catalog

Departmental Socials

Every year, hundreds of Allen School undergrads, graduate students, alumni, and faculty members come to our quarterly department-wide socials! Fall Fest 🎃 is our autumn-themed event in November, Winter Ball ❄️ is our department’s only semi-formal event, and Spring Barbecue ☀️ takes place outdoors as our last social of the year. All of our large events are a great way to meet new people, talk to faculty, play games, and eat free food!

Big / Little Mentorship

If you’re a new admit and you’re feeling overwhelmed by college, you’re in luck! The ACM Big / Little Mentorship Program is an awesome way to make strong connections within the CSE community. 🤩 Your Big (a previously admitted Allen School student) is a great resource for navigating the Allen School - they can help you figure out your schedule, find good places to eat on the Ave, introduce you to different clubs on campus, and more!

Career Prep

We also organize a few career and academic-related events every year. Research Nights are typically every fall and spring, where research labs in the Allen School give presentations about their research and describe ways in which undergrads can get involved. We’re also hosting an Internship Prep Series with career fair, resume, and interview workshops, which can help you practice your elevator pitch and technical skills with your peers. 🧠

Smaller Social Events

Along with our department-wide socials, we have 2 - 3 smaller social events per quarter. They range from fun game nights in the ACM Lounge to arts and crafts in the Undergrad Commons. These smaller events are great for taking a break from your homework, and you can meet people in CSE that you may have never met before! In the past, we’ve hosted a Smash Tournament, Cocoa and Cookies, DA Trivia Night, Pizza Night, and more. 😊

Athletic Events

If you're looking for some friendly, fun, and fierce competition with your friends in CSE, look no further than our athletic events. We've held Dodgeball Night and Badminton Night at the IMA, and we can't wait to get back in the gym and host some more athletic events once it's safe to do so! We've also had a couple of fun athletic competitions during our quarterly socials. If there's a sport or activity that you'd like to see as an event, let us know! 🏐

Other Initiatives

The ACM Lounge in the Allen Center is home to Snack Overflow, ACM’s (literally) underground convenience store. We have tons of snacks, ranging from our popular chicken bakes to chocolate muffins, and we also have cold drinks such as green tea and frappuccinos. Snack Overflow is open 24/7 (pandemic permitting)! If we’re missing your favorite snack, let us know what you want to see by writing it on the whiteboard in the lounge! 🌯